United we stand: How tech can help your dispersed team forge a connected workplace culture

Published: 20/05/2021
Author: Vidatec

It’s not often talked about, but cultivating a great company culture is one of the best things a business can do to put itself ahead of the rank and file. It improves employee retention, makes workers happier and more productive, and it makes your organisation easier to manage. In fact, more than 80% of businesses say they believe company culture offers a strong competitive advantage when it’s done right.

But that’s easier said than done. For deskless workers, who make up roughly 80% of our global workforce, teams are often dispersed – perhaps even more so following the pandemic. From hospitality and retail to manufacturing and construction, deskless workers often work unconventional hours, with some members of staff only really meeting when they hand over a shift. Even desk-based workers now face a similar challenge as the nine-to-five becomes hybrid, with 73% of office workers saying they’d like flexible remote working options to stay following the pandemic.

73% of office workers want flexible and remote working to remain

Depending on your industry, you might have staff working opposite shifts or clocking on at different times. Perhaps you have some staff out on customer sites with some working from home. Maybe you have no centralised workplace and your team is always out on the road.

How do you keep a workforce like this united?

Like most of the challenges we encounter these days, the answer lies in technology. It’s perfectly possible to achieve and maintain that elusive ‘cultural glue’ that keeps your staff connected, motivated and happy – even if you manage a distributed and dispersed team. We’ve been working on helping you overcome this challenge for quite some time. The result is Engage4, the ultimate people engagement app.

What is the Engage4 app?

Here at Vidatec, we’re used to solving problems with web and mobile technology – it’s what we do. Through listening carefully to our customers and looking at the market in general, we discovered a technology gap that could help businesses revolutionise how businesses unite their disparate workforces.

Engage4 fits neatly into that gap, and is the only tool your business will need to connect, onboard, unite and retain your team. No paperwork, no messy inboxes – just a seamless in-app experience that covers all the bases and gives you the means to connect, reward and check in with your team effortlessly.

Using Engage4 to unite your dispersed team

Uniting your workforce with social software isn’t new, but it’s never been presented as an all-encompassing mobile app solution like Enage4. With it, you can create chat groups, set employee challenges and rewards, offer quick check-ins with individual members of your team and create an effective social feedback loop that will leave your team feeling happy, productive and part of a community.

With Check-in Pulse, your business can offer members of your team valuable support when they need it, ensuring they have time and space to vent any frustrations or concerns. On-the-job tasks can be gamified through setting targets, whether it’s closing a set number of deals or serving a certain number of people. Meeting those targets can then be rewarded directly in the app, giving the employees involved business-wide recognition for their hard work. On the job learning can also be facilitated by the Engage4 app, allowing workers to draw on the experiences of others and discover new job elements and processes in their own way.

No matter your industry, if you want your dispersed team to feel validated, connected, engaged and – most importantly – united, Engage4 is for you. Learn more about Engage4 or view our plans and register for a free trial.