Many features. One goal – improving employee experience.

How Engage4 can help you Connect, Onboard, Unite and Retain your workforce.

Improve employee onboarding

Enable your workforce to feel right at home from day one.

Discover what matters to your employees

Create easily customisable polls and surveys that allow for instant feedback on any topic.

Employees build deeper, more meaningful relationships with each other

A personalised newsfeed that helps users engage with events, groups, challenges and news from across your company.

Recognise the great work your colleagues are doing

Employee achievements need to be recognised – not only for the individual but for their peers too. It shows you care. With a High 5 you can publicly praise the great work of individuals and teams – and they can High 5 each other too!

Improve wellbeing

Users get relevant and useful content that covers a wide area of wellbeing matters: from mental and emotional health to keeping a work/life balance.

Little learnings for a better, bigger picture

A bite-sized learning platform that teaches you things like how to better tackle stress, manage change or simply build knowledge. Add whatever learning modules you’d like your employees to learn, such as workplace safety, company values or industry best practice.

Give moral and motivation a boost – and keep it there

A challenge tracker to empower your team to set trackable goals, push themselves and stay motivated.

Build and maintain a sense of community

Create, communicate and connect through videos and get your story across to the whole of the organisation.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledgebase is a centralised part of the app for all files, long-form content and contact details. Make sure everyone has access to the latest important information. Great for onboarding new employees!

But don’t just take our word for it!

The wellbeing of our people is a key focus for us and engage4 has enabled us to connect our people to bite-sized content that has been so helpful to them in managing their mental, physical and emotional health. The opportunity for social connection is fantastic, especially across a dispersed global team, giving people an easy way to keep in touch with one another.

Yvonne McPhee, Employee Engagement & CSR Manager

One of our main goals with the app was to see if we could breakdown the silos that had existed within departments and between hotels. Engage4 enabled the creation of groups centred around topics of interest rather than departments or hotels which resulted in employees from different locations engaging and interacting with each other more than ever before.

Simon Davis, Group Operations Director

Engage4 is a great tool in the making! It’s user friendly, easy to implement and very intuitive. It’s currently limited on features for a large company but there seems to be loads in the pipeline. I personally like the pulse check functionality to monitor our people’s health.

Ben Fisher, Employee Engagement Manager, Engage4 trialist

United Capital is a group that’s growing quickly, and we needed a platform to help us communicate with employees right across the country. Engage4 has been exactly what we needed – simple to launch, easy to use, and it really helps to know that the Vidatec team are always on hand to support us. Engage4 has helped us launch our group-wide values and Employee of the Year competition, so it’s really bringing people together and giving them reasons to visit the app regularly to get the latest company news. It’s been so easy to partner with Vidatec, as they just got what we needed from the first conversation, and we look forward to working with them in the years to come and the group continues to grow.


Jo Eismont, Marketing Manager

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